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14th Annual Parkville Microbrew Fest

Saturday, April 29, 2017
From 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. at English Landing Park
Admission starts at 11:00am, Gates open at 1:00pm

Special Tapping at 3:30pm: 2nd Shift's Grace Brett Beer Batch 4 at Booth 26 {Apr 29 @ 3:15 pm} Special Tapping at 3:30pm: Kaw Point Meadery's Southern Peach at Booth 83 {Apr 29 @ 3:15 pm} Special Tapping at 3pm: Brickway's Epic Blackout Stout at Booth 40 {Apr 29 @ 2:45 pm} Special Tapping at 3pm: Cinder Block's Lusus Naturae at Booth 39 {Apr 29 @ 2:45 pm} Special Tapping at 3pm: Heavy Riff's Foeder Beer at Booth 58 {Apr 29 @ 2:45 pm} Special Tapping at 3pm: Infusion's Chocolate Pistachio Porter at Booth 59 {Apr 29 @ 2:45 pm} Special Tapping at 3pm: Celtis Meadery's Barrel-Aged Brett Bochet at Booth 77 {Apr 29 @ 2:45 pm} Special Tapping at 3pm: Blue Blood's MalBrett at Booth 43 {Apr 29 @ 2:45 pm} Special Tapping at 2pm: Rock & Run's Funky Funky Farmhouse at Booth 64 {Apr 29 @ 1:45 pm} Special Tapping at 2pm: Torn Label's Magic Magic at Booth 23 {Apr 29 @ 1:45 pm}

Martin City Brewing Company

  • 410 E 135th Street
  • Kansas City, MO
  • United States

Untappd Rating: 3.8/5.0

The MCBC concept began over lunch at a local restaurant in Martin City, an incorporated part of Kansas City, MO. Matt Moore began lunch with a simple statement to his sailing buddy, Chance Adams, “We can buy this building down the street. I want to do something special with it. Let’s build a microbrewery.” Chance’s response was a quick and plain “Done.”

With a love for beer and home-brewing, the two friends, ‘unbeknown to their wives,’ began the process of opening a microbrewery. Each planning session began with a beer and ended with a beer. Motivation from their wives (Kara and Amanda) prompted the start of renovation in the fall of 2010. The Moore and Adams families began their journey into the restaurant business.

The renovation was facilitated with the help of countless friends and family. Matt Murdick offered his skills as a plumber, chef and beer aficionado. Robb Richmiller added his talents in the kitchen and food prep areas. Amanda and Kara supplied capital, project direction and support. After a long project of renovation and paper shuffling, Martin City Brewing Company opened as a brewpub on June 3rd, 2011.

In January of 2014 they opened the Pizza and Taproom along with their new state of the art Brewery. By November of 2014 they were distributing their finely crafted beers locally in the Kansas City metro area. The story continues to evolve and change…stay tuned…and stop by MCBC to see the story unfold for yourself. CHEERS!!!

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